Best PS3 Repair Guides

If your PlayStation 3 has started to experience problems such as freezing in the middle of play, having yellow or red flashing lights on the console, disc reading errors or display issues, you may be wondering what to do. If your PS3 is still under warranty, you can send the PlayStation directly to Sony for PS3 troubleshooting and repairs. However, keep in mind that it will take weeks for the unit to be returned to you. Also, if your PlayStation3 is no longer under warranty, expect to pay a minimum of $150 for it to be looked at and repaired, even if it is a minor issue (and for major problems, you will pay much more!).

Fortunately, you have a better option. Using one of the popular home PS3 repair manuals available for sale online, you will be able to troubleshoot and fix most common PlayStation3 problems yourself – often in under an hour. However, although there are many different home PS3 repair manuals to choose from, not all are worth your time and money. Here we review what we feel are the three best home PS3 repair manuals you can purchase. One advantage of all these manuals is that they all comes with a full money back guarantee – if the repair guide does not help you fix your problem, you will be able to get a full refund within sixty days for all these guides.

Here are the three PS3 repair guides we feel offer the best value and information for the money:

1. For Great Video Tutorials And Online Support, PS3 Lights Fix Is The Best And Our #1 Choice:

Although it’s named “PS3 Lights Fix“, this guide actually provides instructions to help you repair nearly all common PlayStation 3 repair issues, including problems with overheating, freezing, controller issues and more. Here are a few of the things we love about this guide:

* Detailed E-book available for instant download PLUS you can opt to have this sent to you by mail. The e-book comes with color pictures that clearly demonstrate how the repairs are done. We feel this book is especially well written and easy to read and follow.

* Professionally made videos that walk you through all the repair processes. These are especially great for those who find it easier to “see” the process in action than read about it. We found that reading the book and seeing the videos answered all our questions.

* Exclusive members area and forum. Once you purchase the guide you can log in to this area immediately.

* 24/7 Support. You will get personal one-on-one help via email and telephone support if needed.

* Great additional bonus materials. The repair guide comes with several additional reports, including instructions on how to remove a stuck disc, load Linux onto your PlayStation 3 (without hacking), how to play region free DVDs and how to access over 100 cable stations for free with your PlayStation 3.

* Full money back guarantee. If the guide doesn’t work, you have 60 days to request a refund.

* Affordable – costs under $40! Considering how much it costs to take a PlayStation 3 to a repair shop or send it directly to Sony to be fixed, every serious PlayStation 3 gamer should have a repair manual like this at home so they can quickly and cheaply fix their PS3 themselves. This is going to be a book that you will likely refer to again and again!

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2. For An Affordable, Easy To Read Guide, PS3 Repaired Is Our Second Choice.

One of the best things about PS3 Repaired is the price. At under $25, it is the cheapest quality PS3 repair guide on the market. PS3 also provides solutions to pretty much every common repair issue you might face with your PlayStation 3. That said, it doesn’t comes with a lot of bells and whistles. With your purchase, you get a solid repair manual and a few interesting bonuses, including one that shows you how to easily transfer files on your iPod.

However, you won’t get full length repair videos with this guide or 24/7 customer service. So if those are important to you, you would be better of going with PS3 Lights Fix instead. Still, for those who are looking for a basic, yet comprehensive and affordable PS3 repair guide, this is a great solution! Once you have paid for the guide, you will be able to immediately download it and get to work on fixing your PlayStation 3. And, of course, if for some reason the guide doesn’t help you solve your problem, you can ask for a full refund (within sixty days).

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3. For A Quality Guide, Videos Plus Some Great Bonus Materials, Get YLOD Repair Wizard.

Another guide we really like is the Paul Thompson’s YLOD Repair Wizard. Paul Thompson claims that over 20,000 PlayStation 3′s have been repaired using this guide. One of the strengths of this guide is that they focus on solutions that don’t require you to already own repair tools for most of the repair processes.

Furthermore, like PS3 Lights Fix, they offer around the clock customer support and videos demonstrating the repair processes. The one downside with this guide is that it doesn’t have an option to have a CD sent to you. But still, this is a great guide that comes with a full money back guarantee as well. Also, the guide has some great customer testimonials supporting it as well, such as this guy:

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